January 18, 2016

After about a month of suffering from what appeared to be a stubborn cold and exhaustion, Bevin’s world as he knew it was turned upside down. In late January of 2004, Bevin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) nearly four months after turning 24. After extensive chemotherapy treatments, he achieved complete remission in April of 2004.

In the middle of September, 2007, Bevin was blindsided for the second time in his life. He received a call and was told that his bone marrow tests indicated that he had relapsed for the first time after being in complete remission for almost 3 ½ years.

While Bevin was undergoing chemotherapy to achieve remission for the second time in his life; his friends and family formed Swab4Bevin with the goal of recruiting as many individuals as possible to register as marrow donors. Again, he achieved remission and was given the gift of time to be able to spend the entire holiday season with his loved ones.

In the middle of January, 2008, he met with the cord blood physician/coordinator who told him the good news that he had a perfect cord blood match and was now eligible to undergo a cord blood transplant in a few weeks. That same day, a few hours later – Bevin was sideswiped again when his oncologist told him at his routine check-up that his blood counts drawn that day indicated he had relapsed for the second time.

We are sad to say that Bevin passed away on February 7, 2008. He fought very bravely against this dreaded disease but was unable to find a match. His family and friends will be in our prayers. May he rest in peace.