January 18, 2016

Anand was the personification of faith, compassion, and courage. For twelve years, he fought leukemia, a recurring menace that attacked as a thief in the night during periods of peace and recovery. His abiding faith in God sustained him and he survived by the constant companionship and nursing care of his mother. His parents, Rosamma and Jose, along with his brother, Anil and sister, Anitha, sacrificed their careers, wealth, and prospects to support Anand until he finally found peace in the merciful embrace of his Lord, Jesus Christ.

As the first born, he was the pride of his numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. He justified their love, hope, and prayers by accomplishing the impossible. In the face of four instances of cancer, Anand graduated from John Jay High School and attended Fordham University. He became an expert in treating himself, and won several awards and achievements for his cancer research. Anand continued his pursuits by concurrently preparing for a medical career and training for the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. Lying on his deathbed, even after cancer had once again impeded his dreams, he planned for his higher education. Fully aware of the fragile state of his life, his faith in the loving Creator drove him to hope for the future through a fragment of his autobiography, entitled “My Survival.”

“…but I still keep on going. Only through courage, hope and faith can anything be accomplished.”

“Mom, if I have to live, it is for my good, yours and the whole world, but if I have to die, it is also for my good, yours and the whole world, because God will never do harm to anyone…”