Hall of Fame

We at SAMAR have always gratefully acknowledged how our volunteers are the best in the world! Since 1992, we’ve had patient focused teams who were committed to achieving our mission by educating and registering committed marrow/stem cell donors.

This HALL OF FAME page is to honor those who gave their time and energy to save lives. Below are the individual teams and groups who registered 1000 or more lifesaving marrow/stem cell donors.


Team Name: SaveVinod
Recruited: 5861
Number of Drives: 160


Team Name: Help Vinay
Recruited: 5532
Number of Drives: 265



Team Name: Ankush Needs You
Recruited: 3911
Number of Drives: 79


Team Name: Swab4Bevin

Recruited: 2859

Number of Drives: 114


Team Name: Amit Gupta Needs You

Recruited: 2312

Number of Drives: 88


Team Name: CureSonia

Recruited: 2031

Number of Drives: 59


Team Name: Match Ravi

Recruited: 2007

Number of Drives: 47


Team Name: Save Raman

Recruited: 1685

Number of Drives: 46


Team Name: Help Save Nirali

Recruited: 1678

Number of Drives: 36


Team Name: Swab for Sam

Recruited: 1593

Number of Drives: 83


Team Name: Help Nalini Shah

Recruited: 1032

Number of Drives: 47